March 27, 2013

Check out this new podcast right in time to study and plan for files. Are you a procrastinator or do you work well with planning in advance? Get some tips and information about what is best for your body in terms of studying ahead, or waiting until the night before. Procrastination, is this actually beneficial?

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Generation Rx

January 30, 2013

An increasing trend in prescription drug use and abuse has prompted individuals to take action. Check out this brand new podcast to learn about the consequences of abusing and/or selling your prescription drugs to others. Not only is this considered a federal offense but you will also be punished under the UMW Judicial System if caught abusing these drugs, or taking prescription drugs that are prescribed to someone else. Questions? Feel free to email me at or contact the Director of Judicial Affairs and Community Responsibility, Dr. Raymond Tuttle, at

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Financial Wellness

November 28, 2012

Finally! A podcast on how your financial status can impact your health and wellbeing! Check out this podcast to learn how much your finances can actually influence your every day life. Comments, questions, suggestions? Email me at

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Volunteering: Wellness for the Soul

November 8, 2012

Check out our brand new podcast that focuses on the health benefits of volunteering! Volunteering is not just beneficial for the community, but can also make a huge impact on your personal health, both physically and emotionally.

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Healthy Relationships

October 19, 2012

Are you currently in a relationship or know someone who is? Check out this podcast to get some fast facts as to some key aspects of what comprises a healthy relationship and how to get help if you know someone who might be involved in an abusive relationship.

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Six Dimensions of Wellness

September 5, 2012

Check out our first podcast of the semester in which we highlight a model that has been adopted by the University of Mary Washington Wellness Team- The Six Dimensions of Wellness. Social, occupational, physical, spiritual, intellectual, and emotional wellness all play a factor in the holistic view of wellness. How well are you?

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April 26, 2012

Have you ever thought that text could be detrimental to your health? Check out this podcast to find out exactly how texting can negatively impact your health, and what you can do to fix it.

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Health and Media

April 11, 2012

Society and the media have an overwhelming impact on health for both men and women. Our society idolizes extremely thin, toned, hot men and women and thus impacts the way we view ourselves. Tune in to this podcast to learn more on this topic as well as what is actually the norm in our society.

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Information Overload!

April 11, 2012

In this podcast, the benefits and disadvantages of technology and information are discussed. Are you too plugged in? Is it making you more stressed and overwhelmed? Check out this podcast for tips on how to break away from the abundance of information that consumes our daily living.

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