February 12, 2013

Check out this brand new podcast for some insight about Vitamins. Always make sure to consult with your doctor before using these in excess or utilizing vitamins for a specific problem such as anemia.

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Dietary Supplements and Healthy Eating

January 15, 2013

Check out our new podcast for 2013! This podcast highlights dietary supplements and weight loss supplements that are on the market today, especially the up-and-coming African Mango supplement.

African Mango Supplements

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Six Dimensions of Wellness

September 5, 2012

Check out our first podcast of the semester in which we highlight a model that has been adopted by the University of Mary Washington Wellness Team- The Six Dimensions of Wellness. Social, occupational, physical, spiritual, intellectual, and emotional wellness all play a factor in the holistic view of wellness. How well are you?

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Exercise Basics

April 19, 2012

Our newest podcast features Bob Liebau, Assistant Director of Campus Recreation at UMW, who gives us some tips and basic information to help us through our workouts whether we are beginners or veterans at the gym.

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Health and Media

April 11, 2012

Society and the media have an overwhelming impact on health for both men and women. Our society idolizes extremely thin, toned, hot men and women and thus impacts the way we view ourselves. Tune in to this podcast to learn more on this topic as well as what is actually the norm in our society.

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Eating Healthy On Campus and On a Budget

April 11, 2012

Our next installment in the Healthy Steps Podcast series includes this important topic- how to eat healthy on a university campus while maintaining a strict budget. Tips are offered regarding UMW specifically, as well as how to maximize a meal plan and how to efficiently maneuver the grocery store. Enjoy!

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