Quick and Easy Dorm Exercises

April 11, 2012

Do you have a limited amount of time? Are you tired of walking all the way to the gym? Are you embarrassed for others to see you working out? Is it too cold outside to leave? Utilize the “equipment” in your dorm to get a great workout! Stairs and heavy textbooks are included in in this innovative way to get in shape, and stay in shape!

Categories: Fitness.

Eating Healthy On Campus and On a Budget

April 11, 2012

Our next installment in the Healthy Steps Podcast series includes this important topic- how to eat healthy on a university campus while maintaining a strict budget. Tips are offered regarding UMW specifically, as well as how to maximize a meal plan and how to efficiently maneuver the grocery store. Enjoy!

Categories: Nutrition.

Information Overload!

April 11, 2012

In this podcast, the benefits and disadvantages of technology and information are discussed. Are you too plugged in? Is it making you more stressed and overwhelmed? Check out this podcast for tips on how to break away from the abundance of information that consumes our daily living.

Categories: Mental.

Healthy Steps Podcast!

April 6, 2012

Welcome to the Healthy Steps Podcast sponsored by the University of Mary Washington! The goal of this podcast is to give you quick, accessible information about health related topics that encompass the six areas of wellness. Listen, download, tell your friends, then comment and help us improve our site for you! Soon, we will be streaming from the UMW iTunesU page!

Categories: Introduction.

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